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Creative Writing | Write a Story. Live Forever.

The increasing demand for effective written communication across all work environments means creative writing has gone from being a 'luxury' to a necessity. This ideal outlet is essential for your well-being and mental health, integral to the development of your transferable skills, the perfect accompaniment to your journey of self-discovery, an agent for human connectivity, and a wonderful way to leave a legacy.

Creative Enterprise | Your Story is Your Business

With 42% of the UK workforce being flexible freelancers, and the 300% surge in the gig economy [] alongside the rise in AI, hybrid working and the growing recognition of side hustles as a means to survival, it's clear that the blended economic infrastructure of our digitised society will dominate. Are you ready for it?

Launching and managing a portfolio career or enterprise with an eternal shelf life is seldom taught. Many creatives lack the business acumen and confidence to sustain successful self-employment, but all is not lost! Join thousands of Scribble Inkers taking the necessary steps towards living a life so well-deserved.