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What is Scribble Ink?

Founded by Writer Nadia Gasper, Scribble Ink is a story consultancy dedicated to mentoring writers throughout their creative process. Programmes are available for practitioners at all levels developing story ideas for stage scripts, screenplays, audio works, novellas or online content. Use the services to fine-tune your narrative, and develop project frameworks complimentary to your passion, schedule and budget.  

Writing independently doesn't have to be lonely!



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"I have been using Scribble Skype consultations to improve the quality of my written work. Since my very first short film in 2014, Scribble Ink has greatly aided the development of my characters, narrative, structure, and pacing...I highly recommend Scribble Ink to those looking to make great improvements to their work."

- Writer and Director, Jonell Rowe.

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What's on offer?


Scribble Nation

These workshops in creative writing and creative enterprise are perfect for FE and HE institutions, arts

and community interest organisations, and production companies, keen to support students, teams and service users with artistic development and work-based training that makes a real and lasting impact.


Scribble Skype

These 1:1 online creative coaching sessions promise flexible and bespoke tuition with follow-up support. Practitioners at all levels can use the time to flesh out and fine-tune their story ideas or to establish targets, tasks and timelines for any creative project.


Scribble Online

Enrol in accredited creative writing e-courses that are flexible, affordable and fun. The podcast-style lectures and fillable workbooks provide Scribble Nation and Scribble Skype experiences, accessible from any location, at any time, using your laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone.


Scribble Script Coverage

Receive an industry standard script report with analysis of your original text and recommendations for the editing process.

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