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Creative Writing

Creative Writing Workshops

From Discipline to Blissipline: Establish, channel and move full speed ahead

Content Overview: Perfect for practitioners with a vision, but no action plan. Perhaps you've had a creative idea floating around for some time, but you're not sure how you'll bring it to life. Maybe you've visualised the end goal for a novel, film, play, web series, poetry performance, etc., but you're not sure how to get from A (the idea in your head) to B (the reality). When all you have is a half-baked concept, starting a creative project, a pen and blank page can be overwhelming, especially when it needs to work around your day job, the house chores, and a well-thought-out Netflix itinerary! Breaking down your big literary plans into manageable, bite-sized chunks increases the likelihood of your ideas coming into fruition by 400% - a statistic cited in the 'School of trust-me-I'm-a-writer-and-story-consultant'. It's time to embrace your love for writing, establish the ideas you've had for a blog, a poem, an essay, a novel, a script, etc., set manageable and fun goals, put those plans into action and inspire others as well as yourself in ways you never imagined, but were always capable of! Entitlements:

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Writers' Room 101: Joining One and Setting Up Your Own

Content Overview: Identify the types of writers rooms in the industry, what to expect once you get your foot in the door, dos and don'ts for best team-building practices and independent progress, how to apply for opportunities and how to set up your own. Entitlements:

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Content Overview: Write engaging blog posts that resonate with your readership; establish your writing style and brand, as well as the best hosting site and template for you; set goals and schedules to ensure you blog regularly; figure out the best way to curate and theme your posts for the purpose of securing an easy-to-follow timeline which respects the loyalty of your readers; take a few tips on how to handle comments; explore the ways in which blogging can generate passive income, aid you in the process of networking and pitching, or work as a launchpad for an exciting career! Entitlements:

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The Sound of Stories: Audiobooks, podcast plays and radio drama

Content Overview: Podcasts (whether scripted or non-scripted), and audiobooks are sweeping the world by storm! Use the resources provided to identify the critical elements of professional audio production - from a strong narrative (even for an audio explainer) to an industry-standard script format, and review a list of script samples, scriptwriting software, subscriptions, services and sound platforms that are user-friendly and cost-effective for writers at all levels. Entitlements:

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Stageplay 101

Content Overview: Creative writing exercises designed to support writers developing spectacular stageplays that captivate. Use the resources and exercises provided to identify the critical elements of a professional stageplay - from a solid narrative to an industry-standard script format, and review a list of script samples, scriptwriting software, subscriptions, and services that are user-friendly and cost-effective for writers at all levels. Develop an understanding of best practices such as dramaturgy, deciding on the theatre experience you want to stage for your audience and ways to take your play beyond the theatre walls. Entitlements:

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Story Bibles, Visual Treatments and Pitch Decks

Content Overview: The understanding and development of a story bible, visual treatment or pitch deck is fast-becoming a required skill for creative practitioners pitching projects or business ideas that require some sort of commission - whether that be a green light for a one-off assignment or a larger, long-term financial investment. The content provided will enable you to identify the fundamental elements of all three documents and explored ways to apply them to your story ideas. Entitlements:

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A Novel Idea

Had a bestseller idea for the longest time but not had the schedule, resources or confidence to put pen to paper? That's most of us authors (or at least that's what we've told ourselves at some point). Content Overview: Use the space, time and activities during a workshop, 1:1 consultation or micro commission to explore novel-writing techniques and best industry practices, flesh out your plot lines, write your drafts and process your progress with peers. Free-write and generate content for flash fiction, short stories, novellas and novels. Entitlements:​​​​​​​

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Digital Storytelling with Visual Storyblocks

Content Overview: