"Nadia Gasper's energy and enthusiasm for writing, and the creative arts in general, is infectious. Her out-of-the-box thinking and storytelling techniques will surely shape generations of writers. It's amazing what she's been able to accomplish in five short years, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Scribble Ink. With Nadia at the helm, the possibilities are endless!" 

-  Ashlee Brown Blewett, YouShare.com


"Nadia, your work is so necessary. I wish you the best of luck with everyone and everything you touch. I like your approach to getting people the skills they need to be a part of our beautiful struggle. Writing is a discipline made of many distinct pieces. And many aspiring writers don't see this until try to put out a piece that they should have spent more time polishing. The reader doesn't always know what advice to offer an aspiring writer but they can sense right away if an ingredient is missing."

- Mandla Thabo Sukati Qhobosheane, Author of Cold Flow of Moments

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