Scribble Sounds provide inspiration and concentration! Hit the Scribble Sounds Spotify playlists for a whole mood; generate ideas for concepts and dialogue with the recommended podcasts; digest a delicious story with the recommended audiobooks.


Coming Soon: The Scribble Sounds podcast is a space for discussions, thought pieces and audio responses to your questions.

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Scribble Sounds

Studying at Home
Morning Pages

Whether you're just rolling out of bed, getting ready for work or sitting at your computer, start your day as you mean to go on with a playlist that will motivate, inspire productivity and spark a bop in your step!

#meditative #upbeat  #garage #soul #funk

Palm Trees Beach View
The Writers' Retreat

Escape to a picturesque, rustic writers' retreat miles away from anywhere! Inhale the sea breeze, get hypnotised by swaying trees and the faint sound of this playlist.  And if you need some writing prompts to get started, visit the Scribble Shop.

#contemplative #beachfront  #ambient #reggae #jazz #neosoul

The Writers' Cafe

Get cosy on the corner couch with a coffee and a croissant. Turn that oak table into your writers' desk and get to scribbling! And if you're looking for inspiration to get you started, visit the Scribble Shop.

 #neosoul  #jazz #ambient #whitenoise #orchestral #vintage

Cool Conversation

Generate ideas and develop dialogue techniques as a fly on the wall of rooms lit with thought-provoking chat. Engage with a world-full of people - from the iconic and astounding to the silliest and clunkiest! 

#comedy #philospophy #observant #irreverant #arthouse #reviews

Night Sky
Burning the Midnight Oil

If you're less of an early bird and more of a night owl, this one is for you! Pour yourself and glass of wine or that rocket-fuel-style coffee, throw on those PJs, sit at your desk, switch on your lamp and write the night away with a playlist that'll keep you going till sunrise! And if you're looking for inspiration to get you started, visit the Scribble Shop.

#nightforest #rainfall #jazz-hop #orchestral

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