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When a Lion Roars: Writer, Director and Co-Founder of Lionstooth Production Shares His Journey of Co

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"I have been using Scribble Skype consultations to improve the quality of my written work. Since my very first short film in 2014, Scribble Ink has greatly aided the development of my characters, narrative structure and pacing, in order for me as a writer and director to deliver the best film project I can make. I highly recommend Scribble Ink to those looking to make great improvements to their work." - Jonell Rowe.

Jonell Rowe is a London and Bristol-based independent writer, director and editor who first ventured into the arts through studying drama and fine art, at The BRIT School of performing arts. After graduating in 2011 with both a BTEC National and extended diploma in drama, Jonell went on to complete writers course at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre in 2012 and along with other creatives, founded the production company "Lionstooth films - a production company strive to create the most innovative content for your brand that will resonate with your target audience, be it a music video, film or brand campaign. Lionstooth employ young, striving film-makers from all backgrounds of knowledge and experience."- His style of work focuses on emotions spiralling out of control, affecting an individual's actions, which in turn affects the world around them. He also explores a mixture of themes and genres such as sci-fi, dark comedy, personal identity and the threat of technology. Jonell wrote and directed his first short film "E.D.D." in 2014. A psychological, fantasy, drama that explored the themes of hate, man vs himself and Zen Buddhism. In 2015 "E.D.D." was accepted and screened at various festivals, most notably the Cannes short film corner. Since then, Jonell has gone on to write and direct four additional short films for Lionstooth, that have been recognised by industry professionals and nominated for best short films at the Flyde film festival in March 2017 for his short film "When Dom met Tony". His latest Sci-fi short film "Number 13" was nominated for the best short film at the Uk monthly film festival in May 2017, was awarded runner-up in the best short film category at the London city film awards in October 2017, won Best narrative short film at the Hollywood Sun film awards and was nominated for Best international short film at the Short film show 2019, where it had its Television debut. He is currently studying BA: Film and Television at the University of Bristol.

In addition to being a multi-talented creative, and one to watch, Jonell has been a loyal Scribble Inker for some time, often using Scribble Skype consultations during the editing process of his script development. I'm delighted to say that Scribble Ink was part of the latest production!

"Collision", is a Sci-fi, thriller short film. That explores the themes of the threat of technology, human error and the effects of dangerous driving The inspiration for the concept was heavily influenced by an article I read, on the approaching new laws for driving tests. From December 4th, learners will have to follow directions from a Sat-nav system, in order to pass their tests. At around the same time, I had started doing my first set of driving lessons and out of curiosity, asked my instructor and other experienced drivers, what their thoughts were on this. They all understood the reasoning for it, to ensure a safer environment on the roads. But ultimately, expressed their growing worries and disdain, for the already heavy reliance of technology, which will essentially take away the sense freedom, privacy, and escapism that made them want to drive in the first place. The aim of this film is to both spread awareness about dangerous driving and to highlight the general concerns, that many people feel about technology taking over. I feel that these subject matters are incredibly relatable to the contemporary working-class society. As cars are very much a part of our daily routine and many accidents do occur on a regular basis. Despite the darker themes I'm aiming to tackle, I also want to make light of the situation, by implementing subtle, comedic dynamics between the cast, in particular, between main protagonists, Malcolm, Claudette and the Sat-nav system. The visual style will be inspired by thriller films, such as Michael Mann's "Collateral" and Steven Knights "Locke" for their more intense colour palette and direct pacing.

For more information about the screening and to purchase tickets, click here.

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