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Portfolio Power Workshop

"Clear, insightful and very helpful!" 5 stars.

"Great for helping me organise my ideas." 5 stars.

"Simple, humble and eye-opening." 5 stars.

"Fun!" 4 stars.

"Informative, insightful and interesting." 4 stars.

"Honest, ensuring and practical." 4 stars.

"Provided perspective and clarifying." 4 stars.

"Friendly, relaxed and a wake-up call." 5 stars.

"Tools I knew I needed, but not using... yet." 4 stars.

The Portfolio Power workshop model was developed to support those with the following questions:

  • Are you a freelance writer who is struggling to find the balance between the work you love and the work that pays?

  • Are you a hobbyist who dreams one day of writing professionally, but don’t know how to get started?

  • Do you love to write but never even considered it as a career?

Using the Portfolio Power handbook, we spent our Sunday afternoon in a lovely rustic pub workshopping and discussing why we want to pursue a career as a writer, what goals one needs to set to achieve their dream and how to keep yourself afloat (economically) in the meantime. 'Portfolio Power' with aims to give creatives the tools to create a game plan, set down achievable goals and keep food on the table while exciting projects unfold.

The testimonials above evidence the need for creative industries to provide more business-inspired workshops: It's important to spend time fine-tuning your technical skills and abilities as a writer, but in a world where freelancing and the gig economy is fast-becoming the way we, especially as artists, find work, it's so important to develop a business acumen! Portfolio Power is the first in a workshop series I'm developing in order to address these needs, so keep an eye out for the launch of Scribble Ink's Creative Entrepreneurialism programme.

I'd like to thank Andrew Anderson and the Script Jam crew for inviting the Writers' Revelation Revolution, and I look forward to working together again in the near future!

If you'd like to order a Portfolio Power workshop for your group, collective or organisation, fill out a booking form today, because there’s more to being a writer than submitting scripts and waiting to be picked up. Take control of your freelance writing career, right now!

Best wishes,

Nadia xx

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