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Scribble Escapes to Goa, India

Promise I'm not showing off!

"No matter what your dream destinations are, Goa will always find a place on your wish list."

"If you have an adventurous soul but your mind wants to relax amidst calm surroundings, Goa is the place to go."

In addition to experiencing the sunshine, sampling delicious food, meeting wonderful people, eating more food, developing my yoga practice, eating more food...and eating more food, it was a blessing to facilitate a writing workshop with a group of Goan residents and visitors.

On a hot mid-morning (what other kind of mid-morning would you expect in India), a group of creatives and I sat around a dense oak table in the middle of Fusion bar, and developed monologues using content from the Character Development nano course as our guide.

What was meant to be a 1-hour workshop and an introduction to Scribble Ink, soon became an afternoon of exchanging thoughts, encouraging the development of various story ideas and lots of number swapping!

Deep down, I know I'll pay Goa another visit - hopefully, in the not-so-distant future.

If you're interested in having Scribble Ink provide workshops and one-to-ones as part of an away day or residential, send a message to the Scribble Escapes inbox.

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