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Camden Scribble Writing Programme

"Hi Nadia...just writing to say a huge thank you for having me for the creative writing course...We really hope another programme like this is on the way soon and we would love to keep in contact for any future sessions."

- Programme Participant.

The Camden Scribble was a free 6-week writing programme for creative local residents aged 16-25. Every Monday, the group and I would meet at Swiss Cottage library for a blended learning session - a combination of creative writing workshops, one-to-one support and access to Scribble Online nano courses...and snacks...we ate a lot of snacks! During our 2 hours we would experiment with props, music, writing prompts and online resources. In addition, learners were showered with Scribble Ink treats, including stationary (so the 'I forgot my pen' excuse could never work on me!)

Consequently, a plethora of poetry, short stories and scripts were born, and going forward, learners will add their work to their own portfolios, blogspots or writers CVs.

The initiative acted as a bridge between young residents and one of their local library spaces. Being immersed in a world of knowledge and creativity, was a golden reminder of the opportunities to study independently, broaden their literary horizons with an insane amount of books, bring ideas to fruition with a wealth of inspiration, share work and receive feedback from peers and more importantly, receive encouragement to pursue story ideas that they lacked confidence in, was all on their doorstep!

I'm pleased to say that despite the economic and social uphills our young people have to climb, a passion for creativity continues to grow strong, and my hope lies in the positive feedback received at the end of the programme. Despite it being free, all participants said they'd be happy to pay for more Scribble sessions and would also bring friends.

I'd like to thank the London Borough of Camden, Swiss Cottage Library, WAC Arts College and Small Green Shoots Youth Organisation for their support in bringing this programme to life, and an even bigger 'shout out' to the invaluable group of new writers who worked tirelessly during each workshop and despite their nerves, were brave enough to perform their work in front of the group. Here's to hoping Scribble Ink can provide more programmes of this nature in the near future!

If you're interested in having Scribble Ink provide a young writers programme for you and yours, visit the Scribble Nation webpage and complete a booking form.

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