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''Libraries are essential in a process of giving citizens access to knowledge. In digital times they are needed more than ever before...Most importantly, however, libraries are the places where you can expect smart and clear answers to even most difficult questions.''

- Neil Gaiman.

Eddie and I met at Readfest in Barking and Dagenham during the winter months. We played 'ping pong emails' for a few weeks, until finally, we secured a date for what was a truly pleasant afternoon. Eddie's playwriting classes are a staple in Barking and Dagenham's creative community. Every month, local residents meet to read, share, discuss and encourage each other throughout the development of their stage scripts. A rainbow of stories inspired by a spectrum of cultural and generational backgrounds, glimmers off each page, and truly reflects the enriching, invigorating and thriving populous of the local area...and the doughnuts were a nice touch!

It was an honour to be graced with a seat at the table as a guest speaker and workshop facilitator; to introduce Scribble Ink to new friends, provide feedback and likewise, receive great food-for-thought regarding reviving the writers' revelation revolution in the region, and more importantly, to it's library.

As the sun began setting, making way for golden hour and the pints were nearing their end (I must stress that we held the writing workshop in a plush meeting room at the library, and then headed to the pub for a cheeky half), I headed back to Dagenham Heathway Station feeling elated, inspired and excited by the prospect introducing Scribble Ink to more libraries in the future.

I'd like to thank Eddie and the playwriting group for the invite, and I look forward to a future filled with plays...and pints!

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