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Writers' Avenue: Six Degrees Playwright Project

Scribble Ink and Writers' Avenue are good friends, so naturally, the opportunity to collaborate has been on the cards for some time! This year, I'm pleased to say the time has come, thanks to the new and exciting Six Degrees Playwright Project.

The concept is largely inspired by Playwright Frigyes Karinthy's theory, which suggests that we are all approximately six or less steps away from introduction to each other. Building on this influential, anthropological 'rule' of nature, the Writers' Avenue Director and Producer, Sandra Thompson-Quartey has founded 'Six Degrees as a way for writers to further explore Karinthy's idea, in a quirky-anthological-thoughtful-abstract sort a' way.

Through a competition process, six writers were selected based on the strength of their synopsis submission. The chosen group will now attend regular workshops to discuss their ideas, present and receive feedback on their scripts, but more importantly, to work out how their individual stories can work simultaneously as an act in a full-length production (which is what we'll have once the six short pieces are curated together). And I have the honour of being a script reader!

Using Scribble Ink's workshop and one-to-one consultation models, I'll be supporting the writers as they develop their story structure and dialogue, and I'll be working with Writers' Avenue to ensure the end result is seamless, entertaining, invigorating and refreshing.

This is an exciting time for all involved, and I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you as it unfolds!

For more information regarding the Six Degrees project and Writers' Avenue theatre Company, check out the website,

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