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We're Going to the Movies: Loyal Scribble Inker Uses Scribble Skype Consultations to Develop a S

"I have been using Scribble Ink Story services for a few years now, with consultations being done by the amazingly talented and helpful Nadia Gasper. My screenplays have truly benefited from her advice and guidance and I would definitely recommend Scribble Ink story Consultancy to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level. Thanks again" Jonell Rowe.

It's been a real privilege working with loyal Scribble Inker, Jonell Rowe over the years. Watching this fantastic artist grow creatively, professionally and personally - from developing his writing skills to produce inspiring and thought-provoking screenplays, then filming his first short, then setting up his own production company, travelling Europe and screening at Cannes, the BFI and various theatres across London, has made mamma proud!

When Dom met Tony is a Dark Comedy, crime drama, short film; Written and Directed by our main man. "On the day that Maria’s father Tony, is set to visit and meet Dominic for the first time, the couple wake up late to discover that their alarm has failed to go off. Panicked, they frantically cook and clean before Tony’s arrival, but his presence and an intense game of chess between the two men, reveal a sinister past, connecting them besides just being in Maria’s life."

The Scribble-skype sessions we have are such fun. Seeing both Lionstooth Films and Scribble Ink logos placed side by side at the end credits of the trailer (above) was a heart-melting experience to say the least.

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If you'd like to experience this kind of success, then booking a Scribble-skype consultation could be the first step in the journey leading to your name glittering in lights!

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