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Scribble Ink at LSBU

Dear friends,

This time three years ago I opened a letter. It was from LSBU and the New London Graduate Scheme. Both were pleased to inform me that I'd been accepted onto the Creative Media Arts Scheme, where I would study for a Masters in Critical Arts Management with a full scholarship! Cut to January 2014; this was the start of both Scribble Ink and yours truly journeying into a new digital-womanhood era. The Masters experience has given me so much - an improved business, higher academic intellect, a confidence boost and something to talk about at dinner parties!

Although I submitted my dissertation at the end of 2015 (oh the stress), I've valued the continued support LSBU provides; the alumni lectures, office space, networking events and 'just checking you're still alive' emails are like sprinkles of glitter on those rare phases of being challenged by a grey day at the office. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that I jumped at the opportunity to give back to an institution I value so dearly.

This afternoon I was invited to speak with LSBU students embarking on their final year in English and Creative Writing BA. This was an honour, considering how I empathise with those who have chosen a subject that is both potentially a gateway to wide and varied careers, and paradoxically, often leaves new graduates feeling overwhelmed and isolated when trying to figure out how to build relevant experience, networks and 'make it' in the real world.

During our session we discussed my career journey, how I built Scribble Ink and eventually landed at LSBU. It was a delight to engage with enthusiastic and talented creatives. Further, these events are a great way for me to keep-up-to-date with the resources available and industry buzzwords (I now know I have a 'portfolio career' thanks to our host, Amy Pyle).

In truth, I don't think I'll ever overcome my public-speaking-anxiety; there's always a part of me that worries I'll say or do the wrong thing and have an 'Issa Rae' moment. However, these doubts were quickly diffused when I returned home, opened my email account and saw a student's thank you message perched on top of my inbox.

I look forward to attending the next event in January!



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