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Scribblin’ with Harrow High Sixth Form: A Collaboration Come True!

In so many respects, young people are the driving force behind the writers’ revelation revolution: Creating a safe space in which they can be thoughtful, expressive, creative and happy is a must —it’s the hub I yearned for my younger self (hence setting up Scribble Ink at age 21) and what I’m forever noticing is missing from the lives of so many millennials.

Consequently, it’s such an honour to team with Harrow High Sixth Form!

These students are at the most crucial stage of their academic and professional careers—sitting on the precipice of childhood and adulthood; feeling overwhelmed and underprepared for what lies ahead. All these tremendously-terrifying-tumultuous emotions that are perfectly valid, uncannily common, but seldom spoken of. Why?

Joining forces with a truly magical pastoral team specialising in creativity, wellbeing and life skills will provide answers to my question, and more importantly, solutions. In addition to receiving personal development lessons, support in developing UCAS applications, personal statements, apprenticeship applications and preparation for employment, students will enrol on Scribble Online courses.

We began this academic year with the ‘Establishing the Idea’ nano course. Although not all students are pursuing careers as writers, much of the course content was relevant to those who needed a starting point for establishing what they want to have achieved at the end of their 2-3 years in sixth form, brainstorming the ways in which they can achieve their goals and then channelling those ideas via useful organisational tools such as action planning, elevator pitching, creating timetables, schedules and milestones.

The course was well received: Many were excited to discover they’d earned a certificate of completion, which is handy for those building CVs and UCAS applications. One students felt inspired to develop her creative writing skills—she asked to enrol on the Bring Your Character to Life nano course and surprised me the following day with a beautiful draft of prose that she’s been working on, but never had the confidence to share until that day! And finally, nearly all students were impressed that I knew how to switch a computer on, let alone build and manage online courses (hopefully I’ve earned a ‘cool teacher’ badge and inspired the creative entrepreneurialism in them).

Future projects and achievements will be ‘spblogged’ about. A vibrant and exciting journey lies ahead and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Feel free to visit the Scribble Online webpage for more information regarding nano courses, email if you’d like to learn more about collaborative partnerships, and please accept this discount code for the Establishing the Idea’ nano course — my way of thanking you for your interest in the writers’ revelation revolution.

Best wishes,

Nadia :)

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