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Moses Moves Mountains: Scribble Ink Ambassador Achieves Artistic Greatness

“I've been involved with Scribble Ink from the early days as a client. I was struggling with my scripts in terms of character development, but Scribble Ink was able to provide me with great support." Moses Ssebandeke.

Director, actor and producer Moses Ssebandeke has been a dear friend and loyal Scribble Inker since the writers' revelation revolution began. His role as an ambassador involved assisting in workshops (particularly with early years and young adults), devoting his time and 'gift of the gab' at university fresher's fairs (as seen in the video on the right)

and spreading the news of Scribble Ink as far and wide as possible, via the power of social media and networking events. In addition to being ambassador, Moses has participated in workshops and one-to-one consultations.

Developing screenplays, stage scripts, poetry and prose with Moses has been an absolute pleasure, and to see him build a glittering career in comedy, film and production is not surprising, given how talented and hard-working he is, but is inevitably, pretty awesome (insert goosebumps here).

Scribble Ink would like to thank Moses for his continued suppor. Here's to a great guy, with a great future ahead!

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