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Scribble at Latimer Talks


At the last Latimer Talks, I was just another eager beaver, finding my way through the labyrinth of a networking event - watching and absorbing invaluable words of wisdom spoken by the Best of Britain; producers, writers, comedians, actors and TV commissioners. I sat, stood, walked around awkwardly and stumbled in awe, hoping that one day I’d have the privilege of being considered worthy enough to be part of such a prestigious line up. Little did I know that day would come so soon!

“Latimer Talks is an event that connects young, media talent with the very best in the media industry. Latimer Talks is committed to showcasing up & coming youth talent and is an excellent networking opportunity for underrepresented young people to connect with established industry insiders.”


On Wednesday 30th, I was e-vited to deliver a one minute pitch as part of Latimer’s entrepreneurial promotions initiative. Admittedly, nerves bubbled up as I RSVP’d ‘yes’ and consequently, said nerves had me hovering over the send button for roughly ten minutes...and then I took the plunge.

The fact that I’d recently worked with Latimer’s partner, Camden Collective, put my mind at ease... just a little. However, the challenge of cramming a four year story and a Scribble Online ‘shout-out’ into a one minute pitch was not something to be trivialised.

The moment arrived! Despite my wishes, I was first up (but that turned out to work out well for Scribble). I practically emceed lyrics - telling the story of Scribble from it’s tiny beginnings to its a-bit-bigger-than-tiny present day. I informed the crowd of the new string to Scribble Ink’s bow and many were impressed by the Scribble Online concept. Moreover, I was reunited with old friends, who too, have come leaps and bounds with their work. Feel free to visit Aniboxx when you get the chance... I left the building feeling elated. What a great kick-start to a birthday weekend!

This Monday morning, I opened my emails and was delighted to learn that the wines and beers hadn’t wiped the memories of those I had spoken to! Many still took time to express their interest in Scribble Ink, and I’m delighted to say we have an abundance of Scribble Online followers as a result.

For more information re Scribble Online, visit the official webpage or email for an information pack, an application form or just to say ‘hello’.

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