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Scribble Island Tasters at the Camden Collective


Since Scribble Ink’s 4th birthday, Scribble Online has been at the forefront of the writers’ revelation revolution. This fantastic new venture has birthed so many blessings...but it’s also eaten into at least 10 hours of every working day.

Camden Collective’s ‘Entrepreneur Camden Create Festival’ gave me the opportunity to move away from the iMac, and reconnect, face-to-face, with all types of folk!

In their own words: “Camden Collective is a pioneering project putting Camden Town at the heart of the UK’s creative community. We support creative people into employment and in setting up their own businesses. Our regeneration programme builds on the rich cultural history and reputation of Camden Town to ensure a legacy of improved skills, enhanced employability and enterprise.”

Scribble Ink had the honour of being part of their first creative festival. The collective opened their doors to bakers, designers, graffiti stitchers, musicians, theatre performers and robots! Myself and others were able to showcase business ideas and deliver samples to all those who would take them.

People would pull an emergency stop manoeuvre in front of Scribble Ink’s pop-up stand, and after browsing, pinching a business card, a post card and a badge, they’d often ask: ‘’So what’s this then?’’ (or something to that effect). In addition to delivering, ‘the speech’, I’d give a ‘flash’ consultation - exploring writing ideas, establishing goals and discussing possibilities for next steps. The Scribble Island tasters proved to be an effective way of introducing the unique and quirky concept this social enterprise is famous for.

The overwhelming, positive responses to the Scribble Island tasters were so encouraging! Not one bad word was uttered (at least, not to my face), and I firmly believe this is the start of a great relationship between Scribble Ink and the Camden community! The Camden Collective experience was priceless, and I look forward to taking them up on their offer for future collaboration.

If you’d like to experience the wonders of Scribble Island, book a session or two (or ten...whatever you need). Also, be sure to get your moneys worth by checking out the new Membership Programme, and other fantastic offers! More information is available at the Scribble Shop.

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