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Scribble at The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust


This autumn, Scribble Ink and The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, joined forces to deliver 'Blackness Through The Ages'. This drop-in workshop provided families from the local area with a platform to express their thoughts and feelings on October's annual hot topic, Black History Month.

Through the use of literary and visual arts disciplines, residents found creative ways to write, draw, stick, glitter, and vox pop their opinions on whether the world's view on Blackness has evolved, regressed or sustained over time, and whether the definition of 'Blackness' will be any different in the future.

We received significant participation from all those involved. Inspiring and insightful prose and commentaries were written at the literature station, vibrant and intricate pieces were created at the visual arts station, beautiful discussions were had, and education weaved through the fabric of the brilliant minds who attended.

I want to give a special thanks to The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, the Scribble Ink Ambassadors and the participants for their invaluable support and input.

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