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GLYPT Scribblers' After School Club: Series 2


“I heard someone's mum ask about a ‘writing club’, so me and my mum asked her about it. The fact that it was a writing club made me want to join. I enjoyed the fact that we were writing to pen pals... Yes! I would certainly join this club again...I liked the gift bags and the treats... I’d love to join one of Scribble’s poetry workshops one day. I would recommend this club to a friend.”

- GLYPT Scribbler.

Every Friday from 4.30pm-6.30pm, children aged 8-13 joined Scribble Ink at the Greenwich and lewisham Young People's Theatre (GLYPT) on a 10 week pen-pal writing course. In addition to making friends with someone their age who lives in Kenya, they created a gift for them- namely a piece of prose based on their favourite child literature or a story inspired by their new found knowledge of Kenya. The GLYPT Scribblers’ Writing Club was an opportunity for children of the iPod generation to become acquainted with the vintage world of pen-pal writing.

At the end of the programme, the club members graced GLYPT Theatre with a presentation for mums, dads and nannas. They told of their experience on the course, read their letters and their stories, and received certificates.

The GLYPT Scribblers’ After School Club was a pilot for the preset programmes Scribble Ink launched in September 2012. It was a huge success with the children and the parents, and consequently, we look forward to hosting another programme of this nature next spring.

Click here to download the e-book.

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