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Scribble at the UEL Freshers' Fair

A year has come around all too quickly! It feels like only a week has gone by since The University of East London (UEL) graced Scribble Ink with an invite to the Fresher’s Fair. Given that last year was such an amazing experience, it only seemed right to return.

Last year, Scribble promoted a student writers programme. Over 150 people signed up and those who saw the programme from start to finish gave such great feedback (some of these students still keep in touch). While 2012 offered a fantastic writing experience, I was determined to ensure that 2013 would be even more suited to students on all courses, with all schedules. So this year, the Ambassador Programme was redesigned and promoted exclusively to UEL students.

The Ambassador Programme has been running since 2011. It offers anyone aged 16+ an opportunity to work alongside Scribble Ink on a range of wonderful projects, allowing members to gain an insight into running a creative business. Ambassadors choose a role which best suits them, the hours are flexible, the tasks are largely administrative (so ambassadors are able to work from home and submit completed tasks online...great for those with busy schedules), frequent mentoring is offered, and at the end of the ambassadorial experience, members are given a one-to-one careers advice session, support with developing a CV and the offer of a written reference (among other things). You can learn more about the programme, it’s previous and existing members, by visiting the Meet The Team page.

The prospect of a written reference really struck a chord with many of the students. Its something I would have wanted to have at hand post graduating, and is something I am glad Scribble Ink offers.

The UEL staff were an absolute delight. In addition to the coffee and pastries, they served all organisations and abundance of encouragement. By the end of the day, more than 300 students had signed up to a volunteering project, including Scribble Ink’s programme. The Ambassador programme is due to start at the end of October.

For those of you who are interested in finding out more, please feel free to email

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