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Beckton Spring Festival, 2013


Following the success of last year’s event, I was more than happy to run another stall at the Beckton Spring Festival. The ‘Your Scribble: Your Ink’ game station went down a treat! This community engagement writing workshop provided a plethora of games encouraging people to write (in poetic form, prose or in a creative strap line), what they would describe as a ‘perfect workshop’ for either their children, their students, their parents, their teachers or their peers.

We received some invaluable suggestions including a an ‘autobiography’ workshop where groups are split into two and ghost write each others stories, a ‘song writing’ workshop where creatives’ develop their skills in both literacy and composition, a workshop that encourages people to write autobiographies on inspirational characters in Newham and even a workshop ‘just for fun’ where sweets come first at all times!

As people submitted their suggestions, one thing became clear- Newham has a community of writers’ just eager for an opportunity to share their story through the power of literature. It is my hope that Scribble Ink answers the call for such a programme.

The ripples of creativity spread far and wide throughout the festival. Steel bands and MC’s, sports personalities, university students, henna artists, cake decorators and film makers were some of the many contributors who made the festival a vibrant affair, hot with excitement and imbued in soulful splendour...despite the rainy weather.

Many thanks to Yvonne Kumi and Cllr Ayesha Chowdhury for inviting Scribble Ink to be part of the festival, a huge thanks to Kye Davies for his photography skills, and countless thank you’s to members of the Newham community for taking part in the workshop. I look forward to helping you develop your written works in the near future.

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