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Scribble at Beckton Women's Day


“I am an expression of the divine, just like a peach is, just like a fish is. I have a right to be this way...I can't apologize for that, nor can I change it, nor do I want to... We will never have to be other than who we are in order to be successful...We realize that we are as ourselves unlimited and our experiences valid. It is for the rest of the world to recognize this, if they choose.”

― Alice Walker, The Color Purple.

Scribble had the honour of running ‘Scribble Pink’- an interactive writers’ workshop as part of Beckton Women’s Day. For all ladies with a passion for writing, this was a great opportunity for networking, and of course, creative stimulation.

Beckton Women’s Day is an annual event founded by the It’s4Me organisation; a fabulous group dedicated to raising awareness of Women in business, particularly vulnerable women who have fled from difficult circumstances to start new lives in a safer environment and reclaim their self esteem with career changes. Avon ladies, henna artists, beauticians, cupcake makers, fashion designers, caterers and even a Zumba instructor pitched and promoted their ambitions to one another, offered their peers support and advice, and lifted each other’s spirits.

As part of this lavishly girl-power inspired day, Scribble hosted a workshop that allowed all to write creative responses to questions like; If a woman were an instrument, what would she be? If women were flowers, what flowers would they be?

Some of the most inspirational thoughts stemmed from this workshop, and the following piece of prose was born because of it.

"As chocolates, we are something of the caramel persuasion,

soft, smooth and warm.

As roses, we are naturally beautiful and glamourous,

with petals like wings, which spread --

not confined to any one place or space.

As the microphone and piano, we are as mellow as a single tune, but equally loud. We will be heard!

To our daughters, we pass on gifts of knowledge and wisdom in cooking, making ends meet financially, emotionally and physically, as well as the art of never allowing a man determine our definition of a successful life.

Acclimatising to the harsh winds of the 21st century, we tirelessly juggle the balance between home and work life and fight against our nemesis, ‘pressure’ with our super power, ‘multi tasking’!

We are strawberry cheesecakes,

soft, sweet and never enough.

We are the jack of all trades; master of most.

We are music, we are imagination, we are the rainbow.

Women: The world would be hungry without us.”

Many thanks to Adeola, not only for her tireless efforts to run women's day, but also for her passion to see women excel themselves in business.

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