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Scribble at the New Media Conference, King's College


It’s 6.30am. The sky is lined with rusted foil, bags are barely packed and rush hour is on. A whizz through the underground takes us to Waterloo station- adjacent to our final destination.

King’s College greets us with central heating and copious cups of coffee. We set up the Scribble Ink promo stool and overlapping this tumultuous task, is my need to prep for what is destined to be....THE GREATEST LECTURE OF ALL....40 minutes.

I was asked to deliver a short session explaining the wonders of online story making. We covered blogging, vlogging, readership, google ranking and other super powers unleashed from the beast that is the world wide web.

The Premier New Media Conference is a prestigious annual event dedicated to equipping charitable organisations with the know-how for campaigning their causes to the world via the most influential means of modern day communication, all within a day of lectures, workshops, talks and debates on varying aspects of new media, an array of fantastic networking opportunities and great sandwiches!

Amidst the lessons learned, a panelist said something very profound, which I believe we should all take heed of: We are the last generation to know what life was like before and after new media and 21st century communication. Our grandchildren will ask us with puzzled faces; “How did you survive before the mobile phone? Before the internet? What did you do if you didn’t download? What on earth is Facebook?” We’ll laugh before trying to explain what seems to them, the impossible. Knowing that we are the generation of ultimate transition makes me feel somewhat epic and spurs me on to appreciate having the best of both worlds- a Facebook chat and the art of face to face conversation, all of which has the propensity to inspire great writers’ like ourselves.

Thank you to all those who came along to the session; it’s always a pleasure to see a room jam packed with eager creatives’. Thank you to Premier Radio and King’s College for inviting Scribble Ink to be part of such an epic event. Thank you to all the Scribble Ink Ambassadors’ who gave invaluable support on the day. It would have been impossible without you!

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