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Scribble at the UEL Freshers' Fair

From Monday 17th - Wednesday 19th September, Scribble Ink pulled out all the stops with a vibrant stall at the UEL Freshers Fair, Docklands Campus. Our aim was to have as many people as possible sign up to the iScribe Student Writers’ Programme starting 2nd October.

I must admit, the first day was a little unnerving. We were one of the few organisations offering something to students that was NOT free. I wondered if this would have an effect on the numbers -- questioned whether some students may have felt the thought of attending a writing course when the bulk of their degree entails essay writing would seem daunting; I chewed over whether buying a Dominos Pizza for £2.50 was a good idea! But all my apprehensions seemed to be in vein. We threw around badges and business cards as if they were confetti; we canvassed and campaigned like never before and all efforts birthed positive results.

More than 100 students signed up to the programme and some even paid for their space there and then! We actually have people paying online as we speak and some have decided to take the risk come along on the day.

Pacing up and down the university campus reminded me of how old I am, but also how far I’ve come from graduating and not being 100% sure of what the world had in store for me, to becoming a business woman and frequent writer. I’m hoping my positive experiences of the world will impact on those who are now where I was, and that my negative experiences will induce wise words...and maybe a few laughs.

The prospect of this writers programme being successful seems likely thanks to the students bursting at the seams with potential, and thanks to the support of Scribble Ink’s awesome ambassadors.

A huge thanks (and congratulations in advance) to all students who have registered for the programme and bigger thanks to Ashley, Moses, Charlotte, Roger and Jacob for their invaluable team work.

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