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The Scribble Olympia Poetry Competition

It’s 8.30am. The sun is out, the sky is clear, the bags are packed and the boot is loaded. A smooth cruise takes us to Central Park and after an ‘interesting’ trek, we find our pitch- located north of the children’s centre, adjacent to the BBC tent and right beside the outdoor library- Perfect!

8.30 passes it’s baton to 9am. With sticky glue, a rainbow of colours and a bucket load of holding pins, we set up shop. With cushions, beanbags and poetic posters, we set up the ‘thinking space.’ 10am takes over and runs ahead of time. We walk around and see the line of people eager to enter the park. 11.50am exudes impatience, running faster the Bolt and Blake. We have our Scribble Ink team briefing and eagerly await the crowd of people. It’s 12pm. Prep time has crossed the finish line and now the game really begins!

A tsunami of people force their way into all crevasses of the park. Waves of residents crash into the children’s centre and before we can blink, Scribble Ink is drenched in smiles, queries and creative energy. The Scribble Olympia Poetry Competition was a event destined to unify kids, youths and the more mature through the art of poetry. There were three competition categories: the 8-13’s, 14-20’s and the 21+. Of each category there could only be one winner. Potential poets would take their place in our poetry tepee, find themselves surrounded by the ‘groovy decor’, pens, booklets and posters smothered in poetic literary terms (we were determined to make this an educational experience too).

Many of the participants were Newham residents, others hailed from neighbouring boroughs and a few gems had travelled from as far as Hertfordshire and Brighton! Within this space, all participants wrote their Olympic lament- reflecting on how the event has affected their living space, their concept of Britishness, the meaning of the word ‘legacy’ as well as the impact the festivities will have on them personally.

Seventy people submitted poems reflecting their thoughts and feelings on the olympics (and this seventy does not include those who brought merchandise and those who joined our mailing list). All submissions were read, read and read again. A few runner-up’s from each category were selected and gifted with a Scribble Ink voucher. Moreover, each category has one infinite winner who received a grand prize of either a kindle, a netbook or a £50 Mary Kay voucher along with a free consultation (otherwise known as a makeover). The winners are congratulated in the anthology, which you can download by selecting the book cover above.

Thank you to all those who took part. Thank you to Newham for inviting Scribble Ink to be part of the biggest community based event of the year. Thank you to all the Scribble Ink Ambassadors’, Martin, Cherryl and Sam of ELEXU, Moses, Roger, Archie and Jesse. It would have been impossible without you all!

Click here to download the anthology.

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