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Royal Docks Spring Festival


Over the past few days, Britain has seen a wealth of street parties, live concerts, traffic jams and smiling faces, all in the name of her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. Naturally, Scribble Ink had to play a role in this vibrant festivity, and so we took ourselves to Britannia Village for the Royal Docks Spring Festival. was not! The sky was as grey as the back end of a queue in the post office. The wind blew us all in various direction, but in spite of all this, the sun (metaphorically) shone over our stall. We were determined to inspire smiles as well as writing. We draped our stall with balloons and streamers; we covered the table with sweets and the brightest stationary. People from all over Silver Town, Canning Town, Plaistow and West Ham (East London districts) joined us in developing what very quickly became a crazy story inspired by the jam packed calendar of 2012.

I was pleased to find so many children were keen to take part. one child approached the stall, took a seat, leaned forward and said: “Do you know that I’m going to be an author when I grow up?” She then began to add her pages to the story, which I believe encouraged others to challenge themselves to write more than one line. I was so impressed by the tenacity and enthusiasm of this young girl, who by the way, ran off and soon came back with her parents, a group of her friends and an additional group of people who were curious to know where her excitement was coming from.

A special thanks to the Scribble Ink Ambassador, Ashley Bloom and Elexu’s Martin Zeman for their fantastic teamwork on the day. Another thanks to Newham Council for inviting Scribble Ink and a final, huge thanks to all members of the community who took part. Scribble Ink looks forward to seeing you all at the Mayor Town Show in July!

Click here to download the e-book.

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