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Scribble at the Holocaust Survivors Home


Selig Court is a beautiful care facility based in north London that caters specifically for Holocaust survivors. Up until today, Scribble Ink had the privilege of working with Community Focus to provide a block of iPad workshops. This was one of the many initiatives born with a purpose of bridging the gap between the generations.

Having worked with many young and gifted people for so long, it was refreshing to not only teach, but in turn, learn from those who have the most unbelievable stories to tell.

What began as a basic induction to the iPad and it’s uses, soon became a forum for individuals to share their memories. Through sharing the stories behind favourite songs, participants became familiar with iTunes. Through revealing facts (some happy and some devastating) about life before the war, residents explored the possibilities of Safari as they researched places they once lived in, countries they’d visited, foods they used to love, etc.

One lady (who recently turned 100) spoke of her escape from the Nazis and the many vibrant events that made up her life. The Selig Court experience must go down as one of the most awe inspiring moments I have ever encountered in and out of Scribble Ink.

Understandably, much emphasis has been put on caring for our youth, but what about caring for our ageing population? This question has resonated with me since working with Selig and one that I hope to answer through actions. I look forward to going back and visiting some of the friends I’ve made during this time and I am excited by the prospect of running more workshops for those aged 50+ in the near future.

I am most grateful for time well spent and would like to thank Javier for being such a wonderful co worker, Gay and Jackie for their wonderful work as volunteers, Selig Court for embracing Scribble Ink and to Community Focus for presenting the opportunity.

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