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The Beckton Spring Festival


Last weekend witnessed sunshine, singing birds and the sweet success of the Beckton Spring Festival.

Kingston Community School became the vessel from which the vibrant activities sprung. Local business’ from all over the area came together and provided the community with music and performances, arts and crafts workshops, sports activities, face paints, library and children centre workshops, cake decorating, wildlife and in environmental awareness workshops, and employment advice clinics.

Naturally, Scribble Ink could not help itself and found it’s way to the sports hall where the writers’ workshop commenced. Various members of the community came together to help develop a vibrant story inspired by the Olympics. I made a point of not giving too much guidance and allowed all who joined to be as free as possible with their creativity. This turned out to be the best idea as the story became a hilariously, well rounded, sensational piece.

I was amazed to discover how many individuals; young and not so young, male and female, of all culture’s, of all professions, etc, enjoyed writing. Moreover, I was surprised (but not that surprised) by the amount of young people who expressed their love for writing and told me of the work they do of their own volition and their concerns about the lack of support available to them as writers’ in the community. As if that wasn’t enough, a young group of songwriters’ serenaded the crowd with an acapella piece before expressing their enthusiasm for songwriting and poetry.

Click here to download the e-book.

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