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Half Term Happiness


Friday 17th saw the closing of half term as well as the opening of a new range of Scribble Nation Workshops- Half Term Happiness!

Scribble Ink kick started the initiative with an interactive storytelling session inspired by Aesop's Fable, 'The Hare and the Tortoise'.

The morning began with puppet making. Glue, glitter, felt pens, confetti and other arts and crafts materials graced the tables. The kids got busy constructing animal puppets whilst dancing to the sounds of Disney.

Once the puppets were baptised in colour, cotton wool and bling, the storytelling element took place. Together, parents and children acted out 'TheHare and the Tortoise Olympic Remix' story as it was being told. Actions, repeats and laughter could be heard and felt all throughout St Marks Community Centre.

I couldn't help but end the event with my Scribble Ink spiel. Parents, grandparents and babysitters seemed excited by the idea of Scribble Ink being so close to home and look forward the next workshop.

“The staff interacted very well with the children and the parents .”

- Proud Mum.

“Thank you Scribble Ink. I really enjoyed the experience and so did my kids.”

-Another Proud Mum.

“We need more activities like this in the area. This is a first and hopefully won’t be the last.”

-Proud Babysitter.

“I liked the puppet making and the story part and I really like Aesop’s Fables!”

-Happy kid.

To conclude, kids and parents came away with a puppet making, dramaturgy, storytelling experience as well as a gift bag filled with Scribble Ink literature, a loyalty card, a road safety book (thanks to the support of the DLR) and of course, a handful of sweets and a smile.

A special thanks to the Scribble Ink Ambassadors' and all creative partners who showed support via their 'hands on deck' zeal. A huge thanks to all those who campaigned on Scribble Ink's behalf- the turn out was great. And of course, a thank you to those who came and took part.

Here's to millions more workshops of the nature!

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