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Prose on the Washing Line


“I loved the concept, the music, the story, the fact I helped write it and the sweet I got in the end!”

- Workshop Participant.

Another success! The sun shone over the inconspicuous Hotel Elephant Gallery. Inside a very ordinary building was an extra-extrordinary arts festival! NEON Arts provided a family fun day packed with live art, dance, food, henna, face paints, percussion and a writers' workshop. There are no prizes for guessing who ran the writers' workshop but have a go anyway!

Scribble Ink transformed one of the rooms into the 'heart of the concrete' jungle for the 'Prose on the Washing Line' workshop.

Prose on the washing line was a stall created primarily for children but adults happily took part!

Each participant was given a sheet (aka, shirt, skirt of pants). They contributed an extract to the ever-expanding story about mystical elephants who built a castle in Elephant and Castle.

Towards the end of the workshop, the room was filled with ‘white clothing‘ scribbled with text. The whole process was an absolute pleasure. It was wonderful to be part of an event that allowed the public to explore a new means of writing as well as plunge into other disciplines via face paints (which evidently I could not resist), henna, percussion and a live Brazilian brass band.

Without furtherado, I'll allow the work to explain itself. Open the e-book below to read a story inspired by elephants, castles, a king, a witch, a fairy, bananas and more!

Click here to download the e-book.

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