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Scribble in the Garden



The weather was beautiful, the children were a delight and the poems were amazing. Kids of all ages (including the 18+) produced profound poetry inspired by the surroundings of the Dalston Garden.

Posters filled with colours, pictures, definitions of language techniques and questions about the garden were dotted around for inspiration. Each poet received a booklet to jot down their thoughts. Some, without hesitation, plunged into their little creative world and wrote until their hands were tired. Others took a walk around the garden with me - gathering food for thought. A few made ‘poetry plans’ before articulating their work. Observing various processes was truly awesome.

I could go on, but it’s probably best to let the work speak for itself. Presenting the Scribble in the Garden Anthology! A fantastic movement in the Writers’ Revelation Revolution.

Click here to download the anthology.

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