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GLYT Masterclass

Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre (GLYPT) is a haven for those interested in the dramatic arts. It allows youth’s to express and develop their creativity through a range of innovative workshops and vibrant events.

The Masterclass was a crash course for those interested in stage writing, tech and lighting as well as acting. Scribble Ink was invited to co-mentor and speak at a few of the events during the Writing Masterclass (which is just as well. I wouldn’t have had a clue of what to say if they’d stuck me in lighting! lol).

The end result of the writing classes was a collection of 10 minute scripts based on the theme ‘o brave new world.’ The scripts were performed by way of rehearsed readings delivered by three pro actors. Seeing the enthusiasm and the initiative of the writers’ was awesome, but not surprising.

Many people are naturally inclined to smile and say; ‘I can’t believe you’ve achieved this so soon!’ And my question is why? Why is it hard to believe young people are more than capable? These types of events happen more often than not. The masterclass was a prime example that as young people, we cannot hide behind our age as being so young means our imagination has no boundaries. Many thanks to GLYPT for the invite. Here’s to many more events of its kind!

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