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I AM 1!

In January 2010 we celebrated the official launch of Scribble Ink. Much has happened within the 12 months. Scribble has gone from being a Script Writing Consultancy to a Story Consultancy. It’s progressed from me rehearsing workshops in front of teddy bears, to obtaining more than 100 members (all human). Workshops have been conducted with writers’ groups and community groups across London. Scribble Ink has leaped from working with Writers’ only to mentoring artists of all disciplines. Scribble even has an online shop for goodness sake! Whoever thought it possible? This year, the aim is to merge with other organisations to create exciting projects. The dream is to eventually be recognised in other areas of the country. With the launch of the online shop it is hoped Scribble Ink will be recruiting Ambassadors. There will also be a range of e-books available soon so keep an eye out. I’d like to say a massive thanks to my loyal clients, to those who supported me and encouraged me when I became anxious. I’d like to thank Mr Bloom for his help with the website, not to mention the countless tutorials I’ve been given on my Mac. I now know that there’s more to life than copy and paste! Many thanks to mum for being my cheer leader! Thanks to friends who allowed me to use them as guinea pigs! Thanks for the feedback and your will to see me grow. A huge thank you to Kori Arts, the BBC and Royal Court. The experiences I’ve had with such influential organisations have pushed me forward! Many thanks to Beddow and Battini, Ministry of Stories and Writers’ Avenue. I look forward to working with you soon. Thank you to those who have donated. Your pennies and pounds have proven your faith in Scribble Ink. Thank you to Tas Gooden for his sound business advice. Thanks to Courttia Newland for his literary advice. A big thanks to Cami, Natalie and Jacob of SE1. You’re fantastic mentors! “Nadia’s drive and creative abilities, coupled with her unique selling point will give her a realistic chance of success.” Tas Gooden, Business Link. Here’s to another year!

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