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Fully Focused Masterclass: Sessions in Story Bibles and Script Coverage

Facilitator meeting your needs Scale of 1-7 (7 being highest) "Enjoyed going through the story bible it helped me identify areas I could improve in." - 7/7 "I enjoyed all the activities especially hearing about Nadia’s work and professional experience. I always think it’s useful to get an idea of how to get started in the industry and also what life is like when you are a full time writer." - 7/7 "All the activities were very insightful and helped me to make a start with my ideas" - 7/7 "Nadia gave extra extensive insights that made me look at things in a different way" - 7/7 "The booklet has been extremely useful..." - 7/7 Fully Focused is a genuine youth-led media organisation that uses th


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