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We're Going to the Movies: Loyal Scribble Inker Uses Scribble Skype Consultations to Develop a S

"I have been using Scribble Ink Story services for a few years now, with consultations being done by the amazingly talented and helpful Nadia Gasper. My screenplays have truly benefited from her advice and guidance and I would definitely recommend Scribble Ink story Consultancy to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level. Thanks again" Jonell Rowe. It's been a real privilege working with loyal Scribble Inker, Jonell Rowe over the years. Watching this fantastic artist grow creatively, professionally and personally - from developing his writing skills to produce inspiring and thought-provoking screenplays, then filming his first short, then setting up his own production company,

Meet Conor: Winner of the First Scribble Scholarship

"It has set free my writing-style which I was holding back in fear of appearing to try-hard, giving me greater confidence in my own work. It has also helped me refine my novel and given it a more clear-cut direction, which it really needed. I am now excited about finishing as I am confident in the ending, themes e.c.t." Conor Eastop. Scribble's Scholarship Programme is an initiative I launched to give passionate and creative 16+'s a taste of the writers' revelation revolution. Successful applicants are awarded a scholarship worth £740. Once enrolled, they have exclusive membership to a private Scholarship hub, granting them free access to all of Scribble Ink’s online courses and eBooks as we


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