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Scribble at the UEL Freshers' Fair

A year has come around all too quickly! It feels like only a week has gone by since The University of East London (UEL) graced Scribble Ink with an invite to the Fresher’s Fair. Given that last year was such an amazing experience, it only seemed right to return. Last year, Scribble promoted a student writers programme. Over 150 people signed up and those who saw the programme from start to finish gave such great feedback (some of these students still keep in touch). While 2012 offered a fantastic writing experience, I was determined to ensure that 2013 would be even more suited to students on all courses, with all schedules. So this year, the Ambassador Programme was redesigned and promoted

GLYPT Scribblers' After School Club

Every Friday from 4.30pm-6pm, children aged 8-14 joined Scribble Ink on a 8 week book reviewing course. Kids were encouraged to either bring a book from home or select one from the Scribble Library to read and annotate. The group then read through a selection of book review templates and developed their own literature. Subsequently, they developed a creative response to their books. Poems, letters of thanks to the authors, monologues, analogues and sequels were tried, tested, drafted, re-drafted and then scripted to perfection. The scripts were then used for the audio, which you can select from the ‘listen’ tab above. Watch the promotional video. This process really allowed the kids to get i


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