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Beckton Spring Festival, 2013

Following the success of last year’s event, I was more than happy to run another stall at the Beckton Spring Festival. The ‘Your Scribble: Your Ink’ game station went down a treat! This community engagement writing workshop provided a plethora of games encouraging people to write (in poetic form, prose or in a creative strap line), what they would describe as a ‘perfect workshop’ for either their children, their students, their parents, their teachers or their peers. We received some invaluable suggestions including a an ‘autobiography’ workshop where groups are split into two and ghost write each others stories, a ‘song writing’ workshop where creatives’ develop their skills in both lite

Scribble at Beckton Women's Day

“I am an expression of the divine, just like a peach is, just like a fish is. I have a right to be this way...I can't apologize for that, nor can I change it, nor do I want to... We will never have to be other than who we are in order to be successful...We realize that we are as ourselves unlimited and our experiences valid. It is for the rest of the world to recognize this, if they choose.” ― Alice Walker, The Color Purple. Scribble had the honour of running ‘Scribble Pink’- an interactive writers’ workshop as part of Beckton Women’s Day. For all ladies with a passion for writing, this was a great opportunity for networking, and of course, creative stimulation. Beckton Women’s Day is an ann


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