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The Scribble Olympia Poetry Competition

It’s 8.30am. The sun is out, the sky is clear, the bags are packed and the boot is loaded. A smooth cruise takes us to Central Park and after an ‘interesting’ trek, we find our pitch- located north of the children’s centre, adjacent to the BBC tent and right beside the outdoor library- Perfect! 8.30 passes it’s baton to 9am. With sticky glue, a rainbow of colours and a bucket load of holding pins, we set up shop. With cushions, beanbags and poetic posters, we set up the ‘thinking space.’ 10am takes over and runs ahead of time. We walk around and see the line of people eager to enter the park. 11.50am exudes impatience, running faster the Bolt and Blake. We have our Scribble Ink team briefing


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