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The Scribble Goes Global Project

At the start of this year, life threw a seemingly random, yet fateful journey. Through a friend of a friend...of a friend of a friend...of a friend, I came to discover the wonders of teaching abroad...without even boarding a plane! After some extensive research, a TEFL course, hours of emails and phone calls, I came up with the ‘Scribble Goes Global Initiative.’ This project allows Scribble Ink to affect positive change beyond the UK. I source schools in developing countries that are struggling with teaching literacy and/or cannot afford to sustain any arts education activities and through the marvellous realms of cyber society. I contact the schools, learn more about their curriculum, the t

Royal Docks Spring Festival

Over the past few days, Britain has seen a wealth of street parties, live concerts, traffic jams and smiling faces, all in the name of her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. Naturally, Scribble Ink had to play a role in this vibrant festivity, and so we took ourselves to Britannia Village for the Royal Docks Spring Festival. Spring...it was not! The sky was as grey as the back end of a queue in the post office. The wind blew us all in various direction, but in spite of all this, the sun (metaphorically) shone over our stall. We were determined to inspire smiles as well as writing. We draped our stall with balloons and streamers; we covered the table with sweets and the brightest stationary. People f


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