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The Beckton Spring Festival

Last weekend witnessed sunshine, singing birds and the sweet success of the Beckton Spring Festival. Kingston Community School became the vessel from which the vibrant activities sprung. Local business’ from all over the area came together and provided the community with music and performances, arts and crafts workshops, sports activities, face paints, library and children centre workshops, cake decorating, wildlife and in environmental awareness workshops, and employment advice clinics. Naturally, Scribble Ink could not help itself and found it’s way to the sports hall where the writers’ workshop commenced. Various members of the community came together to help develop a vibrant story inspi

The Barnet MENCAP Creative Writing Programme

“I personally enjoyed everything. These workshops gave me a new lease of life. They’ve encouraged me to continue writing and publish my book...I’d love to do this again. Whenever I leave this workshop I always feel positive” - Deborah, Workshop Participant. “I’ve had a great time. I’ve made new friends.” - Luke, Workshop Participant. “These workshops have bought Luke out of his shell. He usually just repeats what he’s told or says what he sees, but lately he’s been encouraged to use his imagination.” - Dave, Luke’s Carer. “I enjoyed it all. I liked learning a way to make a new story. These exercises provided me with lots of inspiration and material to write a lengthy piece.” - Sarah, Communi


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