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Half Term Happiness

Friday 17th saw the closing of half term as well as the opening of a new range of Scribble Nation Workshops- Half Term Happiness! Scribble Ink kick started the initiative with an interactive storytelling session inspired by Aesop's Fable, 'The Hare and the Tortoise'. The morning began with puppet making. Glue, glitter, felt pens, confetti and other arts and crafts materials graced the tables. The kids got busy constructing animal puppets whilst dancing to the sounds of Disney. Once the puppets were baptised in colour, cotton wool and bling, the storytelling element took place. Together, parents and children acted out 'TheHare and the Tortoise Olympic Remix' story as it was being told. Action

Far, Far Away

From January 10th until February 2nd, Scribble Ink ran a block of writers' workshops for SPID Community Theatre. The workshops were inspired by the theme 'Far, Far Away'- a concept encouraging young people to create characters and place them in worlds far from the one they know. The younger groups (ages 8-13) drafted monologues considering a typical school day had they been born in another time period and/or place in the world. Questions such as; 'would a girl like me be allowed in school?' 'would I have to give up school to go to work?' 'in the year 3000, will my school be on this planet?' came up. The kids were encouraged to research the era they chose to write about before drafting their


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