Fully Focused Masterclass

The following list comprises of the workshop materials that need to be either printed or displayed. The workshop session plan is for reference only. 

Workshop Session Plan

  • Group Introductions

    • Ice Breaker: Name, why you're here, the script you're working on and if you could travel to another planet, where would you visit and why?

  • Script Coverage Exercise

    • What is script coverage​?

    • Why is it important?

    • Go through the script coverage report sample (in pairs) 

    • Either use your own script or one of the Chewing Gum scripts provided to develop your own script coverage report.

      • You'll notice that the Scribble Script Coverage report has a unique addition: The report overview also comes with a sift matrix of sorts, so the script reader can provide each story element with a star rating out of 5. If you decide to use the sift matrix to analyse your own work and you (if working honestly) earn less than 30 out of 40 stars in total, you'll have the reassurance of knowing that writing another draft of your script will be a great use of your time!

    • Writers will present their script coverage report and scores to the group.

-- Break--

  • Story Bible Exercise

    • What is a story bible?​

    • Why is it useful?

    • Story bible presentation: TCIP

    • Using the templates in the workbook provided, create a blueprint for your story structure.

    • Evaluations and future directions

  • Info about Scribble Ink

  • Sign-up for the Scribble Ink Academy and workshop feedback

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