Scribble Ink Download-ables: 2020

Access inspirational videos and writing prompts that will help you stay on track with your creative goals: Download the free fillable calendar, daily planner and milestone maker, watch the inspirational video and take part in the creative writing challenge.


In this thought-provoking webcast, motivational speaker, Lisa Nicols gives a very candid and bone-chilling account of her life; the trials and tribulations of starting a business while balancing single-parenthood and always pitching her vision of success to those who were yet to see what she saw in herself - all laid in the table. Her inspiring story teaches the value of concrete strategising and self-belief. Be warned: This is a bit of a tear-jerker, so have a hanky at the ready. Watch the video and then take part in the creative writing challenge (see the fillable PDF workbook below).


Little tip: Now might also be a good time to complete a Milestone Maker, download some daily planners and finally get involved in some courses.

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