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May the Force be With You, 2019

Click here to access the Scribble E News May 2019 issue. Click here to access the writers' calendar. Inspirational Vids: Familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of sci-fi writing, take inspiration from one of the genre's leading ladies, Octavia Butler, and watch a sci-fi web series pilot episode...for research purposes of course!

Creative Writing Challenge: Select from one of the following writing prompts and develop your own flash fiction (a 500-word short story):
  1. ​A group of friends who take their alien vigilantly reenactment hobby too seriously, discover a parallel universe intruding into our own...
  2. It's 1930s London: Amidst the Blitz, there are growing reports of alien life appearing in random places, either helping or hindering innocent civilians reach their bunkers in the nick of time. Can we tell the heroes from the villains?
  3. We're in the post-Brexit era, 6G technology has taken humanity to new heights, and climate change is irreversible. What impact does this have on the everyday life of your main protagonist, and what inciting incident takes them on a quest to make the world 'safe' again?
  4. "What d'you mean you didn't even notice I was gone! I've been missing for 17 years!"
  5. A team of scientists race against time to hide their latest invention from a world-dominating was never intended for genocide!
A little tip... Don't try too hard to be ethereal or other-worldly! It never works, the pressure will compromise the integrity of your story, and writers' block is likely to ensue. Develop the blueprint of your characters and your narrative using traditional methods to start, then explore ways that you can subvert the narrative, make the characters relatable, but equally alien. In short, get to know the rules before you break them. Access the Scribble Online character development and story structure nano courses for more tips, tricks and inspiration.

Bloom in June, 2019

Inspirational Videos:
  1. Why Is It So Hard To Write An Ending? - Gordy Hoffman
  2. Act 3 In Screenplay Structure Major Setback, Climax, and Aftermath by Michael Hauge
  3. How to Write Chapter Endings
  4. Story Structure Part 4: How to Write the Climax
  5. How to Write an Epic Climax
  6. How To Do A Plot Twist
  7. Writing Hacks: The Art of The Plot Twist
  8. Story Endings: 10 Tips to Help You
Creative writing challenge: Download the creative writing worksheet on climax and endings; have a go at mapping out the climax of your stage script, screenplay, novel or literature other. Tips:
  1. Keep your notes clear and straight to the point.
  2. Whether you print the PDF and scribble your notes over it, use PDF editing software or copy and paste the PDF onto a separate Word doc, type over it and then print, just make sure you keep it in plain sight; stick it on your wall, keep it in your notebook...make sure it's in a place where you can't avoid seeing it, decreasing your chances of procrastinating.
  3. For additional learning resources, enrol on the Scribble Online Story Structure and Scene By Scene nano courses.

Hotter Than July, 2019

Inspirational Video: I don't want you stuck in doors, glued to a screen. Watch this video (singular), then get out the house and enjoy the sun! Creative Writing Challenge: Grab your picnic blanket, some naughty nibbles and download the script for the Hollywood hit, 500 Days of Summer. Have a read through and make notes on the character arcs, dialogue, narrative, pace, script format, and whatever else catches your eye. A Couple Tips:
  • Use this FREE sample script coverage report to support you in creating script analysis of a professional standard. Use this template as a framework for 500 Days of Summer, then continue your practice by analysing some of your own work.
  • You'll notice that the Scribble Script Coverage report has a unique addition: The report overview also comes with a sift matrix of sorts, so the script reader can provide each story element with a star rating out of 5. If you decide to use the sift matrix to analyse your own work and you (if working honestly) earn less than 30 out of 40 stars in total, you'll have the reassurance of knowing that writing another draft of your script will be a great use of your time!

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